New range from CPL combines a natural closure with a fully recyclable container

CPL, established in 2003 as a professional manufacturer of Oxidation Aluminum and plastic cosmetic packaging, has branched out (pun intended), using bamboo as the primary material for the caps of a fully recyclable PET bottle/jar/tube line.

Once again, CPL has found the perfect equilibrium between the modern and the traditional.  The company’s new PET bottles and jars include a variety of innovative capping options, completely integrated with natural bamboo, including pumps, screw caps and disc top caps.
The company’s new eco-friendly bottles and jars are made of 100% recyclable PET and are fully customizable using any of the company’s customization options, like colouring, silk-screening, hotstamping, and more.  The bamboo closures are biodegradable, but so attractive we can imagine consumers simply finishing the original product and re-using the packaging for some other application around the house.
The natural wooden element of the line provides a completely different tactile experience for the consumer, a way of being in contact with the natural world while using a packaging product created from a man-made substance that’s easy to recycle - it’s literally the best of both worlds, with nods to both eco-friendliness and sustainability.