CPL unveils it's stunning new airless line

In order to offer even more options to its existing and prospective customers, CPL (Creative Packaging Labs) now offers a simple and efficient airless solution that represents a new paradigm for the category

The airless container functions with a plunger in a vacuum reservoir where incoming air equalizes the pressure inside the container and pushes the product out, with no interior bag or special equipment required.

Slick and stylish, the new airless containers are rounded and soft in terms of appearance, and provide a finishing touch to either a cosmetic or personal care product that can make it really stand out on a shelf. The dispensing is smooth and steady, something that consumers really appreciate.

The outer bottle and cap are made of a particularly resilient acrylic, meaning it won't crack or shatter while being transported or through normal home use. The inner bottle is lines with highly compatible PE, for use with a wide range of products. The airless concept is currently available in 35ml and 50ml sizes.