Our factory is among the best in the region, offering lines with high output capacities for large projects and small run services for up and coming entrepreneurs.

Our design department begins by creating innovative, compelling solutions in our state-of-the-art centre where the team consistently surpasses client needs by creating items that are well within project scope, regardless of the criteria brought to the table.

Our manufacturing team is composed of dedicated, talented professionals that use their experience and know-how and apply it daily to challenging tasks as well as simpler projects. They work on a variety of lines:


  • Plastic extrusion and blow molding
  • Oxidation lines
  • Decoration lines
  • Polishing and finishing lines



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Each step along the manufacturing process is controlled through rigorous QC procedures and staff dedicated to achieving optimal results. The first testing stage is during pre-manufacturing where lines are reviewed and calibrated to ensure they'll be at their best for the run. Throughout the run, lines are checked and monitored, with numerous electronic systems and fail safes, as well as engineers on call for troubleshooting should the need arise. Produced items also undergo stringent visual inspection for defects as well as and random, full item testing to ensure manufacturing excellence.